A website is the most cost-effective way to communicate to your customers, and we truly believe spending money in the right place on your web presence is where you will turn profit in the long run.
That said, most successful businesses do not only rely on their websites for sales. The website and your other marketing channels (print/sales div./fairs etc) should support each other and give new leads both ways.

We can help with: planning your goal using experience and common logic, developing your site, how it should work as a part of your marketing strategy, avoiding costly and unnecessary mistakes, how to turn visitors to sales numbers, introducing you to the right specialists, general things such as choosing a web host etc.

Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Figuring out how to reach your goals in the most efficient way, and get the most out of your site in the long run.

What content should or should not be included? How should the website, your other marketing material, and sales people complement eachother? How much does different features cost to implement? What is your actual budget and what combination of marketing (website/sales/adwords/fairs etc) will give the best long-term ROI in your case?

The questions are many, and especially in larger companies who target substantial individual sales it is especially important to have a clear plan of what the website is for, and in which way it is supposed to help sales (Build initial interest, support your sales department through referrals, vague or detailed information etc.). With this information made clear it should be shared to your sales/marketing division so everyone know how the website should be used also as a compliment to your other marketing strategies.

Budgeting and Avoiding Pitfalls

You might have a specific idea of a solution which might cost x to develop, and y to maintain.
Will it be ok to go with a similar solution which might be just as good for 0.4*x for development and 0.2*y for maintenance?

With a long experience in web design, we know which solutions and implementations are reasonable for your budget, and how to help you avoid unnecessary budget pitfalls before they happen.

How it's Done?

We try to make the process as simple as possible.

- Initial meeting: Usually our clients have an idea of what they want. Share this info with us with as much detailed info as possible.
- Writing a plan: We go home, think about what was discussed, and write a plan on the most logical way to get it done including options and ideas which might affect the visitor experience and your budget.
- Final adjustments: With your feedback from the plan, it is adjusted to suit the exact needs you strive for.

You should now have a clear plan on how to go further not only with your website, but also how it will be used with your other marketing channels in the future.

If you decide to hire us for the development, we're more than happy help. If you already have a team for this, it's completely ok. Sometimes it's good to get a fresh start on the project with a new set of eyes which we just offered.

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