We help small companies/larger corporations with their website development- and support needs.
Keeping the obvious goal in mind for our customers (getting sales/leads) we can help with the logical planning and development of websites.
The goal will vary with every customer, but there is always a good solution taking into account cost/maintenance vs budget.

Everyone knows the website is a necessary foundation for any company. The most common mistakes with current websites are when all the focus is on getting it to look as good as possible. The look is important, but it's essential not to forget the goal of the website: Turning visitors to customers.

Building a Good Website 

A good website is much more than good looking. The most important part is that it reflects your company's image and services/products in a professional way. This includes setting up the structure and navigation in the most logical way possible so the visitors know what you do, and find what they are looking for right away.


With a good plan it will be easier and faster to reach the final result. This includes getting a clear idea of the basic concept for the site, how it should be structured, and building it with the target audience in focus.

Development phases

With a clear plan and goal in tact it is time to develop the website. This is done either by dmb design or together with our customers marketing team. If needed we can outsource certain parts to trusted partners managed by dmb design.

Once a basic draft is completed, the site is uploaded to a temporary address where our customers can follow the development process, comment, and give suggestions.


We strive to follow Googles guidelines to reach as high of a ranking as possible. This is also considered in the planning stage how to set up certain pages in the best way.

Training & Support

The idea is that our customers will be able to update their content after launch. We deliver step-by-step documentation on how to keep news, text, images etc updated. If help is needed we're always just a phonecall or email away.


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